Why You Should Fly via Narita

Direct flight is easy and trouble-less. My hometown is not Tokyo or Osaka, that makes direct flight rarer. That’s bad news for most, but for me, not so much. 

This is why.

knife Noodle

Knife Noodle at 唐朝刀削麺, 4F/Terminal 1

I LOVE this noodle…. OK, the title of this post should be, Why I Should Fly via Narita.. But it is true that having favorite things to do and eat at transferring airport is actually good. These things will make usually pain-in-the-butt transfer a fun stop, even one of your destinations.

I also like to transfer at Incheon Airport (S. Korea). Surprise, surprise! I happened to have my favorite Noodle (Ja Jang Myeon) there.

I will fly back to Nagoya via Narita, and my transferring flight is next day. I can’t wait…

What is your favorite thing to do/eat at airport?

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