Volcanoes National Park

One of the most popular English course in Japan is this radio program called ”基礎英語” (Basic English). Every weekday, they broadcast 15 minutes radio class on basic English conversation, and that was my first English class I took.

They had monthly textbook, which I loved.

Their textbook follows the same characters and story throughout a season. The year I was listening was about a story based on Hawaii. I remember they talked about another side of Hawaiian life, that most tourists neglect to see.

What I remember most is volcanoes. I remember being surprised how people could walk to volcano and watch molten lava! I swore to myself that I would visit there someday……

After 20 some years later, I made it.


Halemaumau Crater



Seismic Intensity Meter in Hawaii, detected 311 Tohoku Earthquake



Walking inside Lava Tube



Land of lava. Everything is black.. It will get beautifully boring if you stay long enough…



A piece of dried up lava



Into Blue.. Nice change after hours in black land.



You shall not pass… Lava blocking the road.



Trail to Puu Huluhulu. Good hiking.



Black Sand Beach. it does live up to its name.

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