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Equation in the Sky


What do you see when you look up the sky?

I see blue sky and maybe some clouds. Two colors, that’s all.

Not my German dorm mate in Uluru. As a researcher of next-gen airplane (one of the coolest job title I ever heard), he sees air pressures and air flows when he see clouds. He jokingly said he could even see equations in the sky.

Very cool.

Since that conversation, I kept wondering what it was like to see the sky through his eyes and mind. Perhaps it’s not as romantic as it sounds. Looking up the sky might actually remind that guy of his work waiting in his office.

Well, maybe not. He said he genuinely enjoyed what he was doing. Now, that is very VERY cool. (and of course, I made my jealousy and respect filling sigh, huuuh!)

The world (not people filling it) can be a very static place. A view might be better on some other day, but it is basically same view through my eyes. It’s nice to catch Uluru sunset when there are wide thin layer of clouds, which I heard, made the rock VERY red. Very nice, but it’s the same view.

What changes view is eyeglasses you wear on your mind, so to speak. You put your glasses on, you see equations in the sky.

I don’t intend to study aerodynamics to appreciate clouds on next level, but I can certainly learn associated story of places I visit. That will give me that glasses to see the different view.

As contradictory as this might sound, I still believe that in some cases, we should try to give up all the previous knowledge about the places we visit. Sometimes associated knowledge will blind you to see the real face (instead, you only confirm what you heard was right or wrong. Check!) Even so, maybe it’s good to learn about the place after the first visit.

General rule for me is to let mother nature surprise me while try studying for human related site (it’s very hard to appreciate .

As for equation in the sky, I feel a bit of jealousy, but maybe that view is meant to be for only selected few who devoted their life on that field.




Now I am in Perth, western Australia. I am enjoying good weather and relaxing. After enjoying one lazy week here, I’m thinking to drive and check out other areas. Maybe go see some dolphins!