A Perfect Lifestyle

I was daydreaming at my dinner table in Balinese restaurant.

Food here is good price and healthy enough. I can hear sound of wind and rain. Waitress gently smiles at us every time our eyes met.

I once heard creating lifestyle was human’s biggest art piece. You can go mainstream, work from 9 to 5, or you could create your own.

I daydreamed about living in Bali. I wake up to the crying sound of rooster. I have breakfast full of fruits with Balinese coffee. I work in the morning, then have slow lunch. After lunch, of course I will have my usual siesta. Late afternoon, I walk around town, maybe some grocery shopping. I have slow basic dinner, then I am off to reading and some more work.

If we can pick any belief we want, then we might as well pick pleasant one. I believe we should be able to create own lifestyle as we like.

Traveling itself is my passion, but I have several side-projects going on. One of them is to find lifestyle that suits us.

Search continues…

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