Monthly Archives: April 2012


Zooming In

I like how it feels when I’m zooming in on Google maps. First you get very blur image, but little by little, you get clearer and more detailed image.

Visiting new places is like that.

Before you visit there, you always have blur image of the place. Based on stories you heard, movies you saw, or perhaps books you read, you create very vague and biased image.

When you actually visit the place, it is almost always different from what you originally thought it was like.


Bali was more crowded than I thought.

Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok was more modern and hotter than I thought.

Beach in Hawaii and Australia was more beautiful than I thought.

Australia continent was way bigger than I thought.

Singapore was friendlier than I thought.


In fact, everyday on the road is about “zooming in.”

Yesterday I took local train in Taiwan, and was surprised how “familiar” it felt.

Today I visited supermarket in Taiwan, and was glad to know that they had my favorite Japanese snacks.


These are tiny, trivial things by themselves, but the collection of these small discoveries shapes my understanding of the world.


Suddenly it feels like “zooming in” is a good expression for exploration.

“I’m gonna zoom in Taiwanese train today!”