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Accomodation Hawaii

A Room Without TV

We were planning to stay first half in Kona area, and the rest in Hilo area so that we can see both sides easily. We ended up staying all nights in our hotel in Kona. It was so good and cheap that we didn’t want to leave.

Our hotel was Manago Hotel, which most people in Kona area seems to know.


Manago Hotel


Our room, the cheapest one they offer, was private room with double bed, with shared bath. This room was $36 (plus tax) for two of us. That is cheaper than dorm-type hostel.


Double Room with shared bath at Manago Hotel


What we especially liked about this room was the fact that it didn’t have any TV. I like American TV too much, so it’s good that we can learn how to enjoy each other without TV… 😛


Room that provides nothing more than you need.


Another plus was the room got free wifi. So, you REALLY don’t need TV. 🙂


Cheap accommodation in digital age


Shared bath wasn’t bad at all. Especially for lady’s, each bathroom has toilet and shower for one person, so once you locked, you got all room for yourself. (For guys, who don’t care much, it’s shared bath like everywhere else, but highly maintained.)


“Shared” bath for Ladies


Shower booth in Ladies room


Not everything was great of course. You are going to see some bugs, and perhaps small cockroaches. But it’s Hawaii. Even in more decent hotel, you will see them anyway.

I don’t know if we are ever coming back to Big Island (which we really hope), but if we do, we know where we are staying!


Front desk at Manago Hotel